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    Mike Brodie - A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity

    "In 2003 at the age of seventeen Mike Brodie was living in Pensacola, Florida, still at High school and working part time bagging groceries. He decided to visit a friend in Mobile, Alabama choosing to train hop and ride illegally. In fact he ended up getting on the wrong train and travelled for three days in the opposite direction to Jacksonville, Florida. Days later, Brodie rode the same train home, arriving back where he started. Nonetheless, it sparked something and Brodie began to wander across the U.S. by any means that were free - walking, hitch-hiking and train hopping. His photographs are of the rough and ready band of young outsiders he met whilst travelling. The soft, warm portraits reveal a romanticised and bohemian view of the transient community." [LN-CC]

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    The cover of Jean Genet's classic debut novel Notre Dame des Fleurs (Our Lady of the Flowers) first published in 1943 and published in English in 1963, with an introduction by Jean-Paul Sartre.

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    Girls watch artist painting picture of statue of Flemish artist in Bruges, Belgium, May 1955.
    Photograph by Luis Marden, National Geographic

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    Detail of the veiled angel of death,from Honor Roll Monument in Prospect Park - Augustus Lukeman.

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    Lizzy Mercier Descloux

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